Build better reports by integrating Infomaptic with Integromat

Recently, Esri recently posted about their new Field Maps integration with Integromat (

Dymaptic releases Infomaptic: better feature reports for ArcGIS Online and Enterprise

PORTLAND, OR – September 22, 2021. Dymaptic, an Esri Silver Esri Partner Network partner, just announced the official launch of infomaptic –...

Oh no! SQL Injection!

As most of you know by now, we’ve been hard at work getting our reporting/visualization product out the door (infomaptic). It’s super close;...

ArcGIS Reporting: (Y)et (A)nother (R)eporting (T)ool

….it seems like making quick, shareable, easy, dynamic reports from ArcGIS Online data should be a solved problem. Yet, it isn’t. Until now.